OREANDA-NEWS. A two-day scientific & technical conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Tatar Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil was hosted at TatNIPIneft of PJSC TATNEFT (Bugulma, Republic of Tatarstan).

The event was organized by PJSC TATNEFT and the Volga-Kama Regional Branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, sent a message of greetings to the labor collective and labor veterans of TatNIPIneft.

Nail Ibragimov, First Deputy General Director for Production - Chief Engineer of PJSC TATNEFT, opened the plenary session of the forum and welcomed the conference participants on behalf of the Company's management. He pointed out in his speech that for 60 years of operation the Institute has become one of the largest scientific centers of the Russian oil industry, its scientists created unique engineering developments that influenced crude oil production not only in Tatarstan, but also at the whole country scale. Nail Ibragimov accentuateed that today the oil workers face even more complex challenges related to the development of hard-to-recover reserves and the science shall play a significant role in handling the problems.

Rifkhat Sakhabutdinov, Director of the Institute, briefed the audience on the main achivements TatNIPIneft. Major results of the institute operations include increasing the Company's reserves, increasing hard-to-recover crude oil production, introduction of innovative technologies in the treatment of heavy high-viscosity oil, construction of wells, development of effective methods of enhanced oil recovery, dual well production systems, chain drives, developments in the field of reserves management, increasing the associated petroleum gas utilization ratio and many other.

Renat Muslimov, Advisor to President of the Republic of Tatarstan on development of oil and gas fields, focused in his speech to the forum participants on ways of transition from resource-based to resource-innovative development of the oil industry.

The report delivered by Rais Khisamov, Deputy General Director - Chief Geologist of PJSC TATNEFT, was devoted to topical issues relating to the problems and prospects of the study and production of the hard-to-recover reserves. According to Rais Khisamov, carbonate reservoirs and Domanik deposits are new working sectors for scientists and Petroleum Geologists to apply their efforts. Today, in the new economic conditions TatNIPIneft, being the scientific center of TATNEFT Company, creates own technologies to solve the problems faced. The Institute is an innovation leader in the industry ranking among the best companies in the Russian Federation and in Europe by the number of publications and patents including the ones related to the bitumen development.

Victor Izotov, associate professor of KPFU, Representative of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, featured in his report the subject of fundamental research of raw hydrocarbons at the later stages of the fields development in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Ravil Ibatullin, Doctor of Engineering Science and Director of TAL Oil LTd, reviewed in his report crude oil reserves along with traditional and unconventional methods of their production as well as trends in the fields’ development.

Nikolai Veremko, Head of the EOR Department of OOO "LUKOIL-Engineering", shared his experience in application of innovative technologies in the development of fields with hard- to-recover reserves.

At the plenary session the team of TatNIPIneft was awarded an honorary Vernadsky silver medal on behalf of the Academy of Natural Sciences.

The conference was carried out in five sections: "Geology of oil fields and reservoirs research", "Development of oil fields", "Construction and completion testing of wells", "Intensification of crude oil production and well testing", "Equipment and technologies of oilfield facilities". More than 130 papers were presented during the two conference days.