OREANDA-NEWS. Ford Motor Company Fund invested $55.6m in community projects, education, and young driver training in 2015, according to its latest annual report.

Since 1949, Ford Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company, has invested $1.5 billion to make people’s lives better across the globe.

Highlights from the fund’s work last year include:

  • Assisted in transporting 716,000 U.S. military veterans to medical appointments.
  • Expanded Driving Skills For Life program for young and newly licensed drivers to 29 countries using innovative tools such as the Drugged Driving Suit.
  • Contributing 186,000 hours in volunteer service, generating $5.2 million of investment in local community improvement projects around the world.
  • Launching new entrepreneurial training and health improvement projects in Africa in support of Ford’s expansion in the Middle East and Africa.

Ford Fund President Jim Vella said: “Ford has prospered for 113 years by using fresh ideas and innovative thinking to keep the company and its vehicle on the leading edge of transportation. As we transition from being an automaker to becoming both an automotive company and a mobility company, Ford Fund is working in parallel to meet the needs of underserved communities.”