OREANDA-NEWS. The Land of Berlin and E.ON have agreed to cooperate closely in further developing Berlin’s municipal gas supply. The agreement marks an important milestone in implementing the Senate decision of November 10, 2015 setting out the goals for gas supply in the capital and selecting E.ON as Berlin’s preferred industrial partner in the field of gas. As well as a majority stake for the Land in the city’s gas grid, the agreement also envisages a new shareholder structure for GASAG AG.

With this agreement, the Land of Berlin and E.ON are looking to accelerate the urban energy transition. This applies in particular to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 85 per cent until 2050. To this end the partners want to develop a transformation model for an innovative, sustainable and customer-friendly energy supply and promote Berlin as a Smart City. E.ON restructured its business at the beginning of this year and is now focusing on energy networks, customer solutions and renewables.

The Land Berlin and E.ON also reaffirm their intention to cooperate beyond their partnership as GASAG shareholders to achieve the energy transition in Berlin. One of the instruments to be used will be the new energy transition platform also envisaged by the Senate, which will coordinate energy transition projects – including local initiatives such as energy cooperatives – together with all interested parties and invest in these projects.

Berlin’s Senator for Finance, Dr. Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen, said: “We need to significantly accelerate the energy transition in Berlin. Greater commitment by the Land as a shareholder is an important tool here. E.ON has demonstrated that it can be a motivated and competent partner for the Land of Berlin in the field of gas supply. This partnership provides a strong foundation for accelerating the energy transition in Berlin.”

E.ON board member Leonhard Birnbaum emphasized: “The Land of Berlin and the new E.ON have a lot in common. Above all we share the same objectives in making the urban energy transition in the capital a reality. This cooperation agreement for a forward-looking gas supply concept is a big step on the way to a promising partnership. We are delighted about this.”