OREANDA-NEWS. April 19, 2016. AT&T1 AdWorks is rolling out a new advertising campaign across multiple platforms showcasing the power of addressable advertising, a unique capability for advertisers to reach their right audience.

AT&T AdWorks maximizes the return on ad spending for advertisers and agencies. We deliver advertiser specified and tailored messages to DIRECTV households over the nations largest addressable platform.

Addressable advertising2 delivers specific ads to households based on their interests and demographics. We get this information through anonymous set-top box and third-party data. The new campaign highlights how the addressable advertising works and highlights missed opportunity for brands speaking to the wrong audience.     

When you first learn about addressable advertising, there is an aha moment. The concept is so intuitive. We offer the scale, inventory and technical capabilities to deliver a unique message to the right audience, said Maria Mandel Dunsche, vice president, head of marketing AT&T AdWorks. This campaign communicates the addressable advertising concept in a fun and entertaining way.

Consider this. If youre in kindergarten, youre probably not interested in a life insurance policy. If youre a senior citizen in a nursing home, youre likely not the target audience for the latest sports car. If youre a super model, youre probably not looking for the latest steel toed construction boot. And, if youre a sumo wrestler youre not the right target for a compact car. These are just some examples in AT&T AdWorks new campaign, The Point of More Return. Were helping advertisers stop showing their product to the wrong consumer. 

The campaign, which was developed in-house by AT&Ts internal creative team, starts this month and will run through the end of the year. See it in print, digital and OOH ads and on social media. You can also see it at industry events.

Working with AT&T AdWorks, advertisers can access the largest TV subscriber base in the U.S. and the largest addressable and interactive platforms in the industry. For advertisers who want to learn more, we are hosting 100 customized Addressable Upfronts beginning this month. Well customize our events for advertisers by vertical. Through customization, we make it possible for advertisers to discuss their unique addressable advertising needs related directly to their business.  The new advertising campaign is incorporated into the Upfront experience.

1 AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

2 Addressable advertising is referred to as Relevant Advertising in the AT&T Privacy Policy, and subscribers may opt-out of receiving it.