OREANDA-NEWS. The Sumitomo Chemical (SCC) Group of Companies, a global leader in developing and commercializing biorational and conventional solutions for agriculture, public health, and forestry worldwide, announced today it has added a plantation-focused platform to its growing portfolio of innovative hybrid chemistries. The new SCC Plantation Solutions platform will be on display as part of the company's sponsorship of the CORBANA – ACORBAT Banana Congress at the Hyatt Regency, April 19-22. 

The Plantation Solutions platform combines high-performing technologies from six of the leading companies within the SCC Group. Each technology delivers value within distinct of stages of production, all specially tailored to the high output, low impact demands that mark large-scale plantation systems for growing bananas, oil palm, pineapples, and sugarcane.

“Plantation growers face unique challenges based on the sheer size of their operations and the value of the crops that they grow," said David Alberto Lobo, Global Plantation Business Manager. "The smallest enhancements to yield potential – whether from improved water management, nutrient uptake, pest management, or harvest management – can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. With Plantation Solutions, we've consolidated a diverse portfolio of innovative and proven technologies from across our growing Group of Companies, products that provide efficiency and synergy to our customers wherever plantation crops are grown."

The new Platform includes a wide-array of technologies ranging from advanced water delivery systems and slow release fertilizers to an industry-leading portfolio of conventional and biorational technologies for plant health and insect, disease, and weed control. Nishimoto/Isayama says it also sets the stage for targeted R&D investments that will further expand the Group's range of plantation-focused offerings and broaden its scope of crops.

At CORBANA – ACORBAT, the Group is expected to launch a new cutting-edge fungicide under the Plantation Solutions banner with a novel mode of action for control of black sigatoka in banana.

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