OREANDA-NEWS. NSF Railway Company (BNSF) was named the 2015 recipient of the President's Award for Logistics Excellence by Toyota Logistics Services for the second year in a row. The President's Award is Toyota's highest supplier honor given to service partners who demonstrate combined excellence in quality, customer service and on-time performance. As part of the recognition, Toyota praised BNSF for achieving a 25 percent improvement over the prior year's on-time performance. BNSF also received Toyota Logistics Services' Logistics Excellence Award for on-time performance.

"BNSF was able to improve on-time performance without sacrificing vehicle handling quality in 2015. They continue to display a commitment to kaizen (continuous improvement), and their adoption of this foundational principle of the Toyota Way has enhanced their ability to seek out opportunities for service improvements. Additionally, their timely communication provides Toyota Logistics Services with the information we need to make quick decisions so we can continue to provide best-in-class service to our customers.  They are a valued partner and well deserving of the 2015 Toyota Logistics Services' President's Award," said Missy Pearlman, Toyota Logistics Services senior rail and truck strategy and operations manager.  

In 2015, BNSF handled almost 400,000 Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles throughout the United States and Canada. BNSF is a leader in the U.S. rail industry with one of the lowest damage rates, delivering 99.80 percent of Toyota vehicles damage-free through quality processes at automotive facilities, as well as BNSF train-handling procedures.

"We are honored that Toyota has recognized BNSF with its highly coveted President's Award for the second year in a row," said Dave Fleenor, BNSF assistant vice president for automotive marketing. "We remain focused on ensuring all vehicles reach their destination on-time and damage-free, and the President's Award is an acknowledgment of how hard our employees work to provide remarkable service to our automotive customers."