OREANDA-NEWS. From the end of March to the early April, Li Qing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinochem Group, led several personnel of the CPC Work Department to visit 6 units including China Jinmao Holdings Group Ltd, China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd, Sinochem Assets Management Co., Ltd, Sinochem Plastics Co., Ltd, Sinochem Petroleum Exploration and Production Co., Ltd, and Fertilizer Center for inspection. They learned details of each unit’s production operation and party building work, and earnestly listened to main problems existing in party building work and suggestions.

After listening to reports, Deputy Secretary Li Qing gave full acknowledgement to the party building work in all business units, and hoped all units to attach great importance to enterprises’ party building. On the basis of early-stage work, production & operation central tasks should be better combined to creatively carry out party building ideological and political work, so as to make grassroots party building work become more popular, bring effective result, and witness real effect.

Li Qing pointed out that the prerequisite of properly handling enterprise’s party building work is enhancement of recognition and improvement of awareness. It is necessary to deeply understand that the party’s leadership of state-owned enterprises constitutes a major political principle. Fully bringing out the role of party organization and party member provides key guarantee for enterprise reform and development, and adhering to party’s leadership offers a unique advantage for socialist state-owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to comprehend the importance and necessity of party building work for central enterprises from three perspectives of responsibility as operator of a central enterprise, the party’s ruling foundation and the requirements of the party constitution. It is necessary to follow rules of enterprise development and rules of party building work, taking into account enterprise’s actual conditions, and organically combine and deeply integrate enterprise party building and operation & management. This year, it is imperative to focus on ensuring the enforcement of “Two Studying and One Being” (studying party constitutions and regulations, studying serial speeches, and being qualified party member) and the Group’s Guiding Opinion on Fully Implementing the Requirement on Strict Party Discipline, Further Reinforcing Party Building Work, effectively ensure solid foundation work for enterprise party building efforts.