OREANDA-NEWS. Sberbank's IT system centralisation programme ("Centralisation 2.0") has won the Legacy Transformation category at Model Bank 2016.

This competition is organised by Celent, a part of the Oliver Wyman Group. Celnet is an IT research and consulting company. Over 100 applications to participate in the competition were submitted by institutions worldwide. Winners of previous editions of the competition include JPMorgan Chase, City, Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon, ABN Amro, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and UBS.

Sberbank successfully completed the programme to centralise its IT systems in 2015. The programme was unprecedented in terms of its size. As a result the bank consolidated the diverse infrastructure of its various technological platforms (more than 15,000 system installations) of its Regional Banks, centralised databases, and standardised and unified business processes. The goals of the programme were to cut the amount of time required to deploy new banking products, create new conditions for further centralisation and unification of operating and business functions, and optimise Sberbank's IT expenses.

"Our success at Model Bank 2016 shows that the bank uses technology that allows us to considerably improve the quality of our banking activities," commented Andrey Khlyzov, Senior Vice President of Sberbank. Previously Sberbank's IT system centralisation programme was awarded at IPMA International Project Excellence Award 2015.