OREANDA-NEWS. April 22, 2016. Did you know that you are a brand? Yup, its true. You might be thinking, Hey, Im not a big thought leader or a CEO--I dont have a brand! But in todays world, everyone is their own brand, and social media can play a huge part in building yours.

If youve ever applied for a job or worked in a professional setting, you probably have some notion of what it means to have a personal brand. In a nutshell, its about how we present ourselves to others, or how we market ourselves. And one of the easiest ways to show others what were all about is through social media.

Objectives will vary from person to person, and while yours may never be to become the next big internet superstar, there are simple ways to make sure youre putting your best self forward online, regardless of your goals.

Here are five easy steps you can take today to build your own brand on social media:

1. Define your voice. Since personal branding is all about showing others what youre about...well, tell them who you are! Have a unique point of view, establish what your expertise is, and dont be afraid to show it off. Think about what you want to be known for.

2. Consistency is key. You would never see a company use different logos in different places. The same applies to you-using the same photo, name, and title on all of your social media accounts will help you stay memorable in peoples minds. If possible, secure the same handle across all social networks youre on, and have all accounts share the same look and feel.

3. Keep them comin back for more. Post regular content. Over time, your audience will know what to expect from you, and recognize you as an expert in your field. Not sure what to post? Check your company blog, create a list of your favorite news sites or blogs, or set up Google alerts for topics youre interested in. You can also retweet/repost things you find in your own social feed (but dont forget to add your own commentary!).

4. Keep it professional. Or personal. Or both. This comes back to your objectives. While its important to keep things professional as you grow your brand and be mindful of what you post on social, showing your unique personality can also be helpful in making you stand out. Determine what youre comfortable with sharing and stick with it.

5. Be responsive and engage! Just sharing content wont get you as far as also engaging with others will. This means replying to messages promptly, thanking those that share your content, or even seeking out influencers in your industry. Showing that youre responsive, engaging, and human will do wonders for your brand.

When it comes to the brand of you, youll ultimately decide what you want to achieve, but these simple steps can be a great way to get started for anyone. What tips do you have for building your brand using social media?