OREANDA-NEWS. Russian suppliers of plant of Hyundai Motor Company are ready for the production of components for the new compact crossover Creta. In the production of local components it will be used as the current partners of the company, so several new Russian suppliers. Contracts on cooperation were concluded with new suppliers in terms of localization of glass, fuel tanks, it will increase the percentage of localization of plastic components, informed the press service of "Hyundai Motor CIS".

In the next stage of test production of the new model Hyundai Creta, which will begin at the plant in May, all planned for the car manufacturing local components will be supplied already directly from Russian suppliers. The criteria that the plant makes to their suppliers: quality that meets international standards of the Hyundai Motor Company, as well as timely delivery of necessary volumes and competitive price.

Mass production of cars Hyundai Creta for sale will begin at the beginning of August of this year. The new car will be equipped with systems of front and all-wheel drive, as well as engines of 1.6 and 2 liters.