OREANDA-NEWS. Benecke-Kaliko, ContiTech's surface specialist, will be presenting one of its latest highlights for the aviation market, the further developed Flightfloor Eco floor covering, at the 2016 Hannover Messe. The material boasts several excellent properties. The combination of extremely high resistance capability and minimal weight has the potential to revolutionize the market for floor covering materials in the industry and to set new standards. The material saves 700 grams per square meter compared with standard products, thereby lowering fuel consumption. This also reduces CO2emissions and protects the environment. The material is halogen-free, and meets the aviation industry's strictest requirements regarding reaction to fire, smoke gas density, and smoke gas toxicity.

Numerous advantages on board: the Flightfloor Eco floor covering material is extremely lightweight, highly durable, and particularly easy to clean. The new generation of floor coverings is already being used in the restrooms of Lufthansa's Boeing 747-400 planes.

Suitable for use in the entrance area, galley, or restroom 
In airplanes, the non-textile floor covering material is mainly used in highly frequented areas subjected to particularly high loads. Examples of these are the entrance area, galley, and restroom. Thanks to its high wear resistance, it can effortlessly withstand the continuous load both of service trolleys and high heels. Its skid resistance also makes it extremely safe.

The cleaning team often only has a few minutes to clean the airplane between landing and take-off. Therefore, Flightfloor Eco is particularly quick and easy to clean. The material also has an attractive 3D appearance and an impressive color palette for a wide range of design options. The durable flooring is also suitable for many other applications besides airplanes. It is ideal for highly frequented areas or those subject to a high load. Visitors to the ContiTech stand will be able to discover the advantages for themselves.

Benecke-Kaliko is a global pioneer in the development and production of resistant interior materials that feature ultra-low emission values, and are safe and environmentally friendly to the highest degree. The specialist in automotive interiors is thus further expanding its industrial business. Among other features, the new Dynactiv Surfaces portfolio, which includes Flightfloor, offers innovative product solutions for protective and work clothing, seating, and fashion items, as well as energy-generating protective covers for water reservoirs.