OREANDA-NEWS. FUIB has launched the new service "Extended SMS banking", which allows corporate clients to quickly get complete information about the account transactions on the mobile phone.

The form of the messages sent within the new service "Extended SMS banking" for corporate clients includes full information on the transactions – the purpose of payment, name of the counterparty, type of operation, the total and the balance. In particular, the text message in the new format is as follows: «TOV "ABC" *260012345.UAH 23.03.2016 16:13 DEBIT 6004.12 UAH TOV "DEF" oplata za palyvo zhidno dog NS012345, u t.ch. PDV 20% = 1 000,69 hrn. *BALANCE 254158.97 UAH».

In the usual "SMS Banking" the text messages include only the payment amount and the account balance, which is less convenient for companies with a large number of counterparties.

With the new service, the clients will not need to access the Internet banking "PUMB online" for corporate clients to receive the information in full or spend time on communication with the operations manager to check the details on operations – all the information will be immediately provided the bank to the customer's mobile phone in the form of detailed text messages. Payment for the use of the new service from FUIB is 145 UAH per year. The new service can be activated by applying to the operational manager.

FUIB is constantly working to improve existing products and services for comfort and saving their corporate clients' time.
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