OREANDA-NEWS. For three months in 2016 Rivneazot PJSC, a part of OSTCHEM holding (consolidating Group DF fertilizer enterprises), has produced over 300 K tons of mineral fertilizers. Of these, ammonium nitrate amounted to 155.4 K tons, calcium ammonium nitrate - 129.8 K tons, ammonia - 13.5 K tons.

"Compared with the corresponding period of the previous year Rivneazot has increased the production of mineral fertilizers by more than 3% (+ 9,065 tons). In the 1st quarter, the plant has produced enough fertilizer to cover the current demand of the domestic market. Spring sowing is always a good test for the reliability of the fertilizer suppliers, and our plant like other Ostchem plants, has fully complied with its obligations under the contracts. We focus on the existing demand in the domestic and foreign markets, and according to the demand, we load our production facilities. In April-May, the sowing season usually ends and the demand reduces, so every year in this period we stop the key shops to conduct capital repairs. This year was not an exception", Mikhail Zabluda, Chairman of the Board of Rivneazot PJSC commented.

As previously reported, in October-December 2015, Rivneazot was loaded at full capacity and produced 152.2 K tons of ammonium nitrate, 125.6 K tons of calcium ammonium nitrate, and 16, 9 K tons of ammonia. Thanks to the modernization of ammonium nitrate production facilities, in January 2016 the company even managed to establish a production record - it produced 53.768 tons of ammonium nitrate per month.

Rivneazot PJSC became part of OSTCHEM holding in 2011. Over 1.2 billion hryvnia have been invested to the plant since the purchase of the company by Dmitry Firtash and after entering Ostchem holding.