OREANDA-NEWS. April 26, 2016.  If you had to summarize the current state of marketing in just six words, what would they be? Go ahead. Take a minute and see what pops into your head (and its OK if you use your fingers to count out the words like I did).

As someone who writes quite a bit, Im constantly searching for shorter, simpler ways to explain concepts. Some say less is more, but the mantra I like to keep in mind is brutal simplicity."

So heres my version of marketing in 2016, in just six words: Digital is king; customer experience rules.

But sometimes six words arent quite enough to tell the full story. You may be wondering, If digital is king, what are the top spending areas? or Which strategies will help put the customer experience first at my company? The 2016 State of Marketing report published recently by Salesforce Research gives detailed answers to questions like these and more.

This report takes you step-by-step through findings based on a survey of nearly 4,000 marketers worldwide, giving a complete picture of what high-performing marketing teams are doing to gain an edge.