OREANDA-NEWS. In Moscow, there was a solemn presentation of the annual national award "Car of the Year in Russia - 2016". The 16th season is memorable for active voting for the title of "Car of the Year in Russia". Despite the continued decline in consumer activity, the opinion was expressed by 934,326 people from 86 regions of Russia. This season, 353 models competed for the award, officially represented in the Russian market.

The ceremony included the awarding of the winners in the 24 classes and three special categories: "My favorite brand in the premium segment," "My favorite brand in the mass market", "The most famous Chinese brand." Also in this season, "New car of year" was spun off as a separate segment.

The absolute breakthrough was LADA Vesta, which is in the "New car of year" category bypassed such cars as BMW 7 Series and the Hyundai Tucson. Skoda Octavia, also does not hand over positions in the "Middle Class" category iconic. Brand Hyundai cemented its place in the top of leaders of the voting, by winning prizes in three categories: "Small class", "My favorite brand in the mass segment" and "Light SUVs".

In addition to LADA Vesta, prizes also went to other several Russian vehicles: LADA Largus Furgon and "Gazelle Next" in the categories "Mini-vans" and "Vans", respectively.

The title "My favorite brand in the premium segment" was received by brand BMW, it was ahead of two worthy competitors in the nomination - Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The results of award in the category "Business Class" were no less interesting - the Ford Mondeo won in the fight between Toyota Camry, Ford Mondeo and Skoda Superb.

Lifan has become a leader in the nomination "The most famous Chinese brand", there were also Geely and Chery in the top-three.

As the chairman of the organizing committee of the award "Car of the Year in Russia", Vladimir Bezukladnikov, noted, this year's results showed a growing interest in the award to the domestic cars, and this year it was entered long-awaited Russian models to the market that are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues. "At the same time we see that foreign "classic" does not lose the ground, by glowing thereby struggle for the voice of the consumer, which means that the next year we will see even more interesting activity in the vote," - he says.

According to the voting results, the title of "Car of the Year" was received: "City cars» - KIA Picanto, «Small class» - Hyundai Solaris, «Small middle class» - KIA Cee'd, «middle class» - Skoda Octavia, «Business Class» - Ford Mondeo, «Executive class» - BMW 7 series, "Executive class “premium” - Mercedes-Maybach S-class, “Coupe” - Audi TT Coupe, “Coupe «Premium» - BMW i8, Grand tour - Volkswagen Passat CC, "Convertibles and roadsters» - Porsche Boxster, «Convertibles and roadsters «premium»- Mercedes-Benz SL-class, "Estate car terrain » - Subaru Outback, «Compact SUVs » - Nissan Qashqai, « Light SUVs » - Hyundai Tucson, «Average SUVs» - Range Rover Sport, «Heavy SUVs»- Toyota Land Cruiser 200, "Pick”- Toyota Hilux, «Compact vans” - Volkswagen Caddy, «minivans» - Volkswagen Multivan, «mini wagon» - LADA Largus Furgon, «Light wagons" - Ford Transit Custom, wagons - "Gazelle Next», «Novelty of the year» - LADA Vesta, «Favorite brand in the premium segment» - BMW, «Favorite brand in the mass market» - Hyundai, «The most famous Chinese brand» - Lifan. These voting was processed and analyzed by research company Ipsos Comcon.