OREANDA-NEWS. Mirada plc (AIM: MIRA), one of the leading providers of integrated software solutions for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters, announces that it has signed two value added agreements with resellers in India and Latin America. These agreements are an integral part of the Company's strategy to reinforce commercial activities in existing markets while expanding Mirada's presence into Asia and the Pacific region.

The first agreement has been signed with Mr Thomas Kurien, whose broad experience of over 25 years and extensive network in the broadcast TV industry in India and other South Asian nations, will enable Mirada to pursue commercial opportunities in these attractive and flourishing markets. Mr Kurien has previously represented companies such as SONY, Pinnacle Systems, Kroma/AEQ, Snell & Wilcox, Matrox, Octopus, Vector 2 and others.

The second agreement, with the company IP-Sat represented by Mr Luis Cifuentes, aims to further consolidate the Company's position in Latin America. Luis Cifuentes has over 15 years of experience in sales for telecommunication companies, having worked for Piksel, PCT International, Bantel Telecom and others.

Mirada's expansion strategy for new markets focuses on local representatives with deep knowledge of regional markets and the local business culture, while possessing a wide network of contacts within the industry. The Company's intention is to expand into other Asia and Pacific regions in the near future.

Jose Luis Vazquez, CEO of Mirada PLC, commented: "Both Luis Cifuentes and Thomas Kurien are leaders in the regions in which they operate and we are very excited to be working together. We strongly believe that these agreements will provide Mirada with significant future opportunities. We are also aiming to sign more deals with regional resellers to accelerate our expansion into other new markets, including, but not limited to, Southeast Asia and Central and Eastern Europe."