OREANDA-NEWS. April 27, 2016. International experts from Denmark, Lithuania, Georgia and Chile have presented successful practices of their countries, as well as factors that conditioned favorable results of IT entrepreneurship support programs financed by the state. The presentation took place at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and it was possible due to the support of the USAID Competitiveness Project for Moldova, which is actively involved in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem for the IT sector of Moldova.

Vasile Botnari, the Minister of Information Technology and Communications: ”Moldovan ICT market shows a stabile dynamics and in the next few years we estimate a visible increase. In support of entrepreneurial ecosystem the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications has promoted the Law on IT parks, recently adopted by the Parliament, which has an attractive offer for residents, with a single tax of 7%, exemption from VAT on imported equipment, limiting inspections from state institutions, etc. The MITC will continue to give special attention to recently launched high-tech enterprises that could become a true engine of growth for the sector and economy of the country in general. "

Thomas Rhodes the USAID/Moldova Acting Country Director: "USAID supports Moldova's efforts of European integration and economic development. In this context it is very important to create in Moldova a favorable environment for the development of IT sector, which is placed on the top of competitiveness priorities. We hope that the international expertise, which we come with, will help to enhance technological entrepreneurship in Moldova. "

Denmark, Lithuania, Georgia and Chile, where support programs for IT entrepreneurship funded by the state are implemented, have made significant advances in recent years and have developed a favorable business environment to attract investments and increase the number of companies.

Giorgi Kintsurashvili Georgia - ?Head of Strategic Department at Georgia’s innovation and technology agency (GITA): "The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia supports the development of innovations and the ecosystem for start-ups through a complex approach. To this end, the Government of Georgia has founded the Agency for Innovation and Technology in Georgia (GITA), which managed to establish many partnerships that we address from different perspectives, this resulting in successful achievements in the field. We recommend the Republic of Moldova to follow Georgian model and establish as many as possible local and global partnerships for the development of entrepreneurial environment in the IT area in the country. Thus, Moldova has the chance to become an important destination for the IT business. "

The event is part of sustained efforts of the USAID Competitiveness Project Moldova to provide the Republic of Moldova with international expertise to help creating a favorable environment for development of technological entrepreneurship.

The external IT entrepreneurial environment


Last year, Denmark ranked 1st among the countries favorable for business development (Forbes 2015) and was nominated No.1 country in Europe for entrepreneurs (GEDI 2015). The titles were won by Denmark because of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in IT. One of the projects developed by the Danish government is "Startup Denmark" - a program that allows talented entrepreneurs to relocate and grow their business in Denmark. As an incentive, the authorities offer work permit for a period of 2 years with possibility of extension for another 3 years.


Lithuania adopted a set of amendments to remove the bureaucratic burdens faced by entrepreneurs from outside the country who want to start and develop a business in IT innovation. The legislation will help developers / entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses in Lithuania and it will contribute to the economic growth, reducing the unemployment and thus improving the local ecosystem for start-ups.


Central authorities in Georgia have created the Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), the main purpose of which is to coordinate and contribute to the development of technology and innovation for the economic welfare of the country. In this context, GITA organizes trainings and events for IT professionals, linking them to the career opportunities or business financing. Moreover, GITA works on the Tech Park project, that will be a place of encounter and cooperation between entrepreneurs and investors, and which will contribute to the economic propulsion of Georgia.


The government of Chile has invested 40 million US dollars to develop the country's business environment. One of the implemented programs is called "Start-Up Chile" and aims at attracting entrepreneurs whose businesses are  in the incipient stages and have a high potential for development and extension internationally. The project provides grants to small entrepreneurs for initiating, developing and expanding businesses, visa for one year, workspace, training, and other facilities and benefits, provided that at least one of the founders of the company is established in Chile. The main purpose of this program is to set Chile as a center of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America. The project already has an impressive portfolio and annually over 200-250 companies join this program.

About IT in Moldova 

The IT industry in the Republic of Moldova is rapidly developing and has increased 20 times in exports of IT services over the past 10 years. Having the capacity to influence positively the general economic condition of Moldova, the IT is placed in the top priorities of the country's competitiveness.