OREANDA-NEWS. April 27, 2016. The path to better enforcement was the subject of a debate organised by International Road Transport Union (IRU), the Nordic Logistics Association (NLA), the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics (TLN), and Euro Contr?le Route (ECR) together with Wim van de Camp MEP a group coordinator of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament.

The event focused on the revision of legislation for the commercial road transport sector expected at the end of this year. Issues related to enforcement will be an important part of these legislative proposals.

A number of clear suggestions aimed at improving the efficiency of enforcement were made by IRU, NLA, ECR and TLN. They are:

  • 1)    Enforcement impact assessment: make enforceability a key aspect of any new legislation during the negotiating process.  
    2)    Resources: Ensure the efficient use of existing resources by having targeted, intelligence based enforcement.
    3)    Data exchange: invest in more cooperation between Member States
    4)    High level Group: establishment of a high level group of competent authorities to regularly follow up after rules are designed and implemented.