OREANDA-NEWS. First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) began to lend to customers of SOTA ALLIANCE shops. Using the loan from FUIB, one can make a purchase for up to 25,000 UAH and without an obligatory initial payment, as well as without interests for up to 6 months. Mobile phones and accessories on credit from FUIB can be purchased in 57 shops of the network throughout Ukraine.

In the SOTA ALLIANCE network, First Ukrainian International Bank has implemented a lending mechanism through broker software without a bank expert being present in the stores.

Through a broker sales channel, FUIB gives commodity loans in the networks of ALLO, Eldorado, Foxtrot, COMFY, MOYO, Citrus, Ringoo, etc. FUIB's team of targeted lending (under the trademark "Renaissance Credit") was the first in the market in 2013 to implement integration of the bank with broker software of retail network.