OREANDA-NEWS. Stormshield, a leader in the European cybersecurity market, has partnered with Schneider, audit firm OPPIDA and the Télécom Bretagne Research Institute to develop the SNi40, an appliance from the Stormshield Network Security product range that is specifically designed to protect industrial and IT facilities.

A French government initiative comes to life

After being chosen as part of the call for applications launched by the French government in 2014 to accelerate the creation of innovative cybersecurity solutions for the industrial sector, Stormshield partnered with Schneider, one of the world leaders in automation solutions, SCADA, audit firm OPPIDA and Télécom Bretagne.

The partners’ R&D teams met to develop the SNi40, a comprehensive solution with highly advanced protocol analysers that are customised to meet the security needs of industrial and . With this tool, industrial companies will benefit from a combination of unique protective measures for their production system without any negative impact on their activity.

SNi40: Developing new functions for Stormshield Network Security

Initially, Stormshield integrated new DPI detection and filtering functions for Modbus industrial protocols, S7, DNP3, and more recently, OPC UA into Stormshield Network Security products. The editor also allows the “read and write” functions sent to industrial systems via these protocols to be filtered.

SNi40 was also designed to meet the sector’s specific needs. It can therefore withstand the same electromagnetic and thermal extremes as industrial robots (-40°C to +70°C).

“Our partnership with Schneider was a crucial part of creating the SNi40. It gave us a better understanding of industrial protocols and a clearer view of this sector and its limiting factors. Furthermore, by using the same management and reporting tools, we were able to speed the implementation, administration, and supervision of IT and OT security. All systems can therefore use the same technical solution, which has been adapted for use by both worlds.” explains Pierre Calais, Stormshield’s CEO.

This large-scale project is a sign of Stormshield’s enduring commitment to the industrial world and its desire to continue its development over the long term. Thanks to its dedicated teams, there will be constant improvements to the product’s capabilities, with more functions and new protocols becoming available between now and the end of 2016.

About Stormshield

Stormshield offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security). These next-generation trusted solutions, certified at the highest level in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+), ensure the protection of strategic information and are deployed through a partner network of distributors, integrators and operators in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defence organizations worldwide.