OREANDA-NEWS. АSE Group of Companies, engineering division of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, in cooperation with Rosatom – International Network and the Atomic Industry Information Center in the city of Dhaka presented the photography exhibition of the Hungarian nature photographer Vince Balint on beauty and diversity of the nature surrounding NNPs.

The exhibition’s opening ceremony took part in the frame of the workshop on the environmental and safety aspects of nuclear energy projects, organized on April 25 by АSE Group of Companies in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Bangladesh at the Atomic Industry Information Center in the city of Dhaka.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Director of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novotheatre, Dhaka, Mr. Abul Basher Md. Zahurul Islam noted: “Since the opening of the information center on nuclear energy in Dhaka in 2013, I witness the enormous demand for nuclear energy public information. Therefore, today’s exhibition itself, together with other public information efforts by Rosatom, will fulfill the public needs since they are aimed at education for the country's population on nuclear energy advantages and safety. It is especially important that we demonstrate benefits of nuclear energy to inhabitants of the region near to NPP construction site, and Rosatom has always paid a special attention to this issue”, he said.

The exhibition named “Wildlife around Russian NNPs” demonstrates the photos by Hungarian photographer B?lint Vincze who visited the sites of all ten operating nuclear power plants in Russia in 2014 to capture the magnificent and diverse Russian nature. Inspired by natural beauty the world-renowned wildlife photographer initiated a project to describe the diversity and uniqueness of wildlife surrounding the nuclear power plants. All the pictures presented at the exhibition are made close to NPPs and are a clear demonstration of a good relationship between the nature and nuclear power.

“The pictures presented here are a clear demonstration that the nuclear power plants of the Russian design built or to be built in Russia and abroad are a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source. Since its very creation, the nuclear power has been one of the most high-tech, safe and competitive international industries, including its high level of safety related to the climate change. Fifty years of international peaceful utilization of the atom allowed the humanity to avoid 60 billion tons of CO2 emission. Having and open and trust-based dialogue with local civil society and community is a key under these circumstances and today’s exhibition is a perfect example thereof”, said Philipp Kosov, official representative of ROSATOM in Bangladesh.

During its first working day, the exhibition received and attracted government officials from local authorities, Dhaka residents and nearby areas, and high school and university students. It is expected that more than 5000 visitors will attend the exhibition in fourteen working days.