OREANDA-NEWS. Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it has been selected by Fernando Romero Enterprise (FR-EE) to provide consulting services for the Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico (NAICM). Trimble will support the use of a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-enabled Project Delivery System (PDS) by FR-EE and Foster + Partners joint venture. The PDS will be used to manage and deliver the airport's final design phase. As part of the consulting services, Trimble will also assist in defining and implementing processes and technologies that will enable FR-EE to create and maintain constructability throughout the airport project.

"Complex projects demand a unique approach to project delivery that is data-driven, visual and fluid. Currently one of the world's largest airport infrastructure projects, the new International Airport in Mexico City is a tangible example of this kind of complexity," said Chris Gibson, vice president of Trimble. "Trimble Professional Services works closely with project owners, design teams and builders to develop custom project delivery systems that streamline the flow of information from conception into execution and operation. Trimble is extremely excited to be working with FR-EE and Foster + Partners to provide our innovative professional consulting services and BIM capabilities."

The Mexico City New International Airport (NAICM), designed jointly by FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise and Foster + Partners, is a new greenfield airport being built in Mexico City to replace the existing Benito Juarez International Airport.

The project is being developed by Mexico's Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT) as part of the transport development plan announced by Mexican President, Enrique Pe?a Nieto, who allocated US$9.2 billion in September 2014 for the initial construction phase. It is one of the world's largest airport infrastructure projects and is expected to be the largest airport in Latin America.

The new airport will have the capacity to handle 50 million passengers a year, which is expected to be increased to 120 million annually through expansion projects by 2062. Known as the "Airport of the Future," the single airport enclosure will be sustainable as it is expected to use less materials and energy than a cluster of buildings. The structure will use natural sunlight, collect rainwater, and achieve a high performance that meets high thermal and acoustic standards. The airport will also use clean and renewable sources of energy and will operate with green technologies, promoting efficient use of water, ventilation systems and air-conditioning.

About Fernando Romero Enterprise
FR-EE is a global architecture and design practice operating at the intersection of culture, development and technology with offices in New York and Mexico City. Since 2000, FR-EE has built more than 1.2 million square meters (13 million square feet), and has 1.4 million square meters (15 million square feet) in development. The projects address a wide range of public and private initiatives from community education to urban development.

FR-EE's projects translate contemporary moments of society, context and culture into built form, achieving ground-breaking results through extensive technological advancements, research and the implementation of green infrastructures.

The concept of translation embodies FR-EE's mission and philosophy, with the ultimate goal of rendering periods of societal, political and economic transformation into three-dimensional form. Collaboration is central to FR-EE's design investigation, working closely with clients, policy makers, curators, educators, nonprofit entities, developers, engineers, contractors, artists and anthropologists, to ultimately reach comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Beyond practicing design, FR-EE orchestrates initiatives aimed at elevating standards of living and education, particularly in Latin America, through research, sports and curation. Centered around initiative and resourcefulness, FR-EE is organized as a multi-functional enterprise that links missions, which are typically viewed as disparate from one another. FR-EE's approach reflects the expanding role of architects and architecture in contemporary society as leaders and producers of work, which aims to create instead of imitating.

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Trimble Professional Services provides innovative consulting services and solutions to owners, architects, engineers and contractors for some of the industry's most challenging and unique projects worldwide.

Offering a different approach to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Trimble Professional Services leverages some of the leading technologies with a world-class implementation team that includes domain experience in architecture, engineering, building, computer science and management consulting.

Trimble Professional Services supports the adoption of BIM technology and processes through project-based services, allowing teams to advance their use of these critical systems while meeting project schedules. Trimble provides training and knowledge transfer as part of every engagement.

Trimble Professional Services operates within Trimble Buildings, a part of Trimble's Engineering and Construction segment focused on solutions that optimize the complete Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle of infrastructure and buildings. Trimble is dedicated to transforming the industry—increasing productivity, reducing waste and optimizing schedules, budgets and real estate portfolios—with powerful solutions that streamline communication and collaboration. These targeted solutions enable architects, engineers, contractors, owners and occupiers to realize greater agility, efficiency and insight. Used in over 150 countries around the world, Trimble's solutions are transforming the way the world designs, builds and operates infrastructure and buildings.

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