OREANDA-NEWS. April 28, 2016. Three new Associate Training Institutes (ATIs) joined the IRU Academy’s global network at the annual ATI Convention in Georgia last week.

The IRU Academy welcomes:

  • KUNHADI, Lebanon          TAXI Programme
  • CSFTL, Tunisia                  ADR1 & ADR2 Programmes
  • ABADA, Azerbaijan          CPC Driver International & ADR1 Programmes

The following institutes extended their training portfolio:

  • AMERIT, Macedonia        CPC Manager Road Haulage & Passenger Transport
                                               CPC Driver Periodic Qualification Cat C & Cat D Programmes
  • KDS, Qatar                        Crash Prevention programme

These accreditations will enable the ATIs to deliver high quality IRU Academy Training Programmes to road transport professionals in their respective countries. Professional training contributes to improving road safety and transport efficiency and ultimately benefits the economy and society as a whole.