OREANDA-NEWS. On April 17-19, co-organized by China Chain Store Franchise Association(CCFA), World Wildlife Fund(WWF) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), China Sustainable Retail Round Table was held in Yangzhou, China.

PEI Liang, Secretary General of CCFA, representatives of WWF, UNEP, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, RT, Metro, IKEA, Starbucks, H&M and other key retailers and suppliers, as well as the representatives of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), China forest stewardship council (CFSC) and related organizations & NGOs attended the meeting.

Carrefour China awarded for Enterprises of Sustainable Development and Innovation
1/Evaluation standards: electric shuttle bus and Carrefour China CSR report 2012-2014
2/Awards among JD.com, China Resources Vanguard, Aeon, and Metro

Responsible Purchase Proposal of China's Retail Industry
On the round table, CCFA and all the attendees officially signed and issued the initial proposal for promoting the sustainable development of China's retail industry.
According to China's strategy planning of building an ecological civilization and referring to the sustainable goals set by the United Nations, hereby they kindly propose to promote the responsible purchase, green consumption, green business environment for the sustainable development of China's retail industry.
1/Take innovative actions, promote the advanced concept of responsible purchase model by pilot projects
2/Put the sustainable concepts into corporate strategies, medium and long term plans, goals and principles
3/Improve the sustainable management for supply chain, promote the development and purchase of sustainable products, popularize the sustainable techniques for both environment and society
4/Increase the transparency of supply chain, promote the tractability system, and establish the new model of retail cooperation with suppliers which could enhance the efficiency of green supply chain
5/Appeal for the entire society to popularize sustainable standards and practices by joining hands with industry, government, NGO and organization

Priorities and Plan 2016 for CCFA China Sustainable Retail Round Table
1/Green supply chain: proposal for promoting the sustainable development of China's retail industry in April; annual platform establishment and implementation for sustainable consumption; green training in April -December; research project outcome promotion for safe production chain of China's poultry industry in April- October.
2/Sustainable development: sustainable consumption week 2016 in August.
3/Policy suggestion: green book on the energy saving of China's retail industry in October; Chinese consumers analysis in December; low-carbon store annual promotion.
4/Ecological tour: Mipu nature reserve in Hongkong in November; European fishery expo in Belgium in April 2017.

Review 2015 for CCFA China Sustainable Retail Round Table
1/Sustainable consumption week 2015 in over 90 stores across China, gained more than 280 media reports
2/Responsible purchase guidebook for aquatic products issued in Aug.
3/Workshop for safe production chain of China's poultry industry organized in Jun.
4/Platform establishment for sustainable consumption
5/Sustainable consumption promotion for five products (cotton, wood, seafood, palm oil and soybean)