OREANDA-NEWS. KAMAZ’s conveyor left the first dump of the new model range KAMAZ-6580 and KAMAZ-65802. The next step – is KAMAZ-65801. These vehicles are the representatives of a heavy-line family of perspective vehicles, it will be installed, on which, a tipper platform. They are designed to work on construction sites, mining pits, and agriculture. New vehicles will be replaced eventually by Russian road dump trucks KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-65201, informed the press service of KAMAZ.

The dumps have new, more powerful power unit on the basis of the G-series Cummins engine, which differs by fuel efficiency and reduction of operating costs. According to leading engineer, Dmitry Zhilyaev, the assembly principle is the same as on the KAMAZ-5490. "But there are fundamental design changes in construction. It is dumper: load of KAMAZ-6802 – is 26 tons, many brackets were strengthened. Now we choose the equipment for tightening of very critical parts, the order for its production will be placed on the repair-tool factory ", - he said.

Other global challenges are the entry into the rhythm of the conveyor of the installation of the front axle with silent blocks, the rear suspension with bridges and a system of air supply.