OREANDA-NEWS. SIX Swiss Exchange today published the latest edition of its "Bonds Quarterly Statistics[pdf]". Turnover in the CHF bonds segment amounted to CHF 37.2 billion in the first quarter, an increase of 11% compared to the previous quarter. The strongest sector in terms of turnover, financials, grew significantly by 31%, however governments declined by 4%. At the end of March the total number of listed bonds remains unchanged at 1711, compared to the end of December.

Slow start in the non-CHF bonds segment

In the segment of non-CHF bonds, the first quarter turned over EUR 3.8 billion, representing a steady increase of 10% compared to the previous quarter. Year on year the first quarter has seen a slow start with small drop in January (EUR 1.1 billion, -1%), followed by a slight increase in February (EUR 1.6 billion, +6%) and then falling in March (EUR 1.1 billion, -29%).