OREANDA-NEWS. Alexander Glotov was appointed Director General of JSC Khiagda.

“Mr. Glotov was entrusted to manage the country’s most promising uranium mining enterprise with the reserves secured for more than 100 years. Today, systematic steady development of JSC Khiagda is one of the most important tasks of the Rosatom State Corporation Mining Division. Bauntovsky District in the Republic of Buryatia is gradually becoming the centre of Russian uranium mining and the main depositary of the State Corporation and Russia in general. The enterprise development is the highest responsibility”, stressed Mr. Victor Svyatetskiy, First Deputy Director General of ARMZ Uranium Holding – Executive Director, at a meeting with the staff of JSC Khiagda.          

Alexander Glotov born on 14 July 1956 in Krasnodar. In 1978, he graduated from the Serpukhov Higher Engineering and Command Training School of Strategic Missile Troops (RVSN) as an engineer-electrician; in 1987, he graduated from the Dzerzhinsky Military Academy as an officer for managing strategic operations.”

Mr. Glotov served in the nuclear and technical support of the Soviet Union Armed Forces for 10 years. He headed the operational unit of one of the main departments of the General Staff for six years. In 1993, he was transferred to the reserve holding the rank of colonel. He has state awards being orders and medals of the Soviet Union Armed Forces.

Until 2014, he worked as Director General of the Moscow automobile companies OJSC Gema, OJSC Italservis and OJSC Avtokantri. Mr. Glotov has been holding executive positions at the enterprises of the Rosatom State Corporation mining division since April 2014 having worked as Director for Transportation at PJSC PIMCU, Deputy Director General of PJSC PIMCU for Business Organization and Development and Deputy Director General of JSC Khiagda for Development.

At his first operational meeting, Alexander Glotov outlined the principal tasks of JSC Khiagda in 2016. According to him, the range of activities associated with the sulfuric acid plant commissioning is of major importance. It means not only trouble-free equipment operation, but also unconditional reaching of the production volume planned amounting to 324 tons of acid daily. Mr. Glotov stressed that “It is also necessary to switch the coal boiler off and to supply the entire infrastructure with the sulfuric acid production heat as soon as possible. Rejection of the coal use is not just about savings, but also about reducing the environmental impact.” Reaching the production volume planned is impossible without a clear arrangement of the sulfur logistics delivery chain. Cancellation of transporting sulfuric acid from the railroad base to the Central production site completely removes the main factor of environmental risks in the enterprise activity. The enterprise leader said the following task: “Serious work has already been done in this area and it is necessary to monitor the quality of raw materials, compliance with sulfur shipping schedule by the supplier and requirements for packing big bags strictly”.

Alexander Glotov paid much attention to the implementation of RPS projects. He stressed the possibility of achieving high status of RPS enterprise within Rosatom State Corporation in the short term. As noted by Mr. Glotov, “We have demonstrated by our work that we are willing for continuous improvement, able to reduce the time of processes, losses and costs. It is particularly important to pay maximum attention to development and implementation of RPS projects right now, when new production buildings have just been put into operation. After all, the Rosatom production system will make it possible to improve the technology, to eliminate all potential losses and, ultimately, to increase the production volume up to 1,000 or even 1,300 tons per year.” He said that the main RPS project of 2016 would be “Improving the quality of constructing production wells.” First of all, this project will be implemented during the development of the Source deposit. Then, all the positive achievements can be replicated when working at other deposits.

Alexey A. Dementiev, who had been holding the position of Director General at JSC Khiagda since November 2013, decided to retire. He was awarded the Rosatom badge “For Merit to the Nuclear Industry” in recognition of the contribution made by him being one of the best Russian geotechnology experts to the development of the mining division. JSC Atomredmetzoloto management board and JSC Khiagda staff bade warm farewell to the professional, who had won a well-deserved respect.