OREANDA-NEWS. Silent Knight by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced the launch of the new SilentKnight.com Website, designed to provide dealers with quick access to a wide range of information on its fire alarm and emergency communication products, training, tools, technical support and the industry as a whole. The site's more intuitive navigation and responsive Web design enable visitors to clearly view videos, technical documents and software programs on a PC or mobile device.

"Dealers always need to access manuals and other technical information when they're in the field, so the fact that this site can be viewed so easily on any size screen is great," said Loren Schreiber, Silent Knight marketing product manager. "And the more progressive stuff we're doing like tech-tip videos and the blog are there to help dealers with common issues they face and offer them a place to comment and ask questions as well."

An expanded "Support" area offers dealers a number of free tools to make their system configuration, bid and installation work easier. Equipment software downloads, sales literature and a series of webinars are included as well. Under "Training", Silent Knight offers online tutorials and How-To Technical videos, plus   the schedule and online registration for its hands-on trainings throughout the U.S.