OREANDA-NEWS. NTT Communications Corporation, the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT (NYSE: NTT) Group, announced today changes in its board member positions and organizational responsibilities.

Effective as of June 17, 2016

President & CEOTetsuya Shoji 
Position(s) Name Organizational Responsibilities
Senior Executive Vice President Tetsuya Funabashi In charge of Technology
In charge of Operations
In charge of Information Security
In charge of Corporate
Senior Executive Vice President Katsumi Nakata In charge of Sales
In charge of Global Business
Executive Vice President Toru Maruoka Head of Voice and Video
Executive Vice President Eiichi Tanaka In charge of CSR
Senior Vice President Kazuhiro Gomi President and CEO of
NTT America, Inc.
Senior Vice President Denji Sakurai Head of Fourth Sales Division
Senior Vice President Takashi Ooi Head of Network Services
Senior Vice President Masaaki Moribayashi Head of Cloud Services
Senior Vice President Ken Kusunoki Head of Third Sales Division
Senior Vice President Hiroatsu Matsumoto Head of Customer Services
Senior Vice President Hidemune Sugahara Head of Second Sales Division
Senior Vice President Tetsutaro Nakamura Head of West Japan Sales Division
Senior Vice President Takanobu Maeda Head of Global Business
Senior Vice President Akira Arima NTT Communications
Corporate Adviser
Senior Vice President Masanori Ozawa  
Statutory Auditor Yoko Kobayashi  
Statutory Auditor Nobuhiro Takeuchi  
Statutory Auditor Satoshi Shinoda