OREANDA-NEWS. Polymetal International plc is pleased to announce that it has become a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code (Cyanide Code).

As a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code, Polymetal aims to improve the safe transport, storage and use of cyanide in the production of gold to protect human health and reduce the potential of environmental impacts. Therefore, Polymetal commits itself to following the Code’s principles, implementing its standards of practice and being audited against the Code by third-party auditors within three years of its initial application, and every three years thereafter. The first operation to be certified under the Cyanide Code will be the Company’s flagship Amursk POX plant.

The principles and standards of the International Cyanide Management Code are regarded as industry best practices. The Cyanide Code is a voluntary industry program that was developed under the aegis of the United Nations Environment Programme by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee. The Cyanide Code is intended to complement an operation's existing obligation to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the political jurisdiction in which the operation is located.

Polymetal’s Chief Executive officer, Vitaly Nesis, commented: “I am happy to report that Polymetal is joining the Cyanide Management Code. This is yet another step on our roadmap to implement international best practices across all areas of sustainable development.”