OREANDA-NEWS. Tech City News, UK: Cognizant’s Executive Vice President, Business Process Services, Says Robotic Process Automation is Creating Whole New Industries and Opportunities.

“Seemingly every day, there is a news story about automation’s impact on categories of jobs,” says Gajen Kandiah. “Let’s face it, automation will probably make some jobs redundant, but it will also create others.” Excerpts:

“The reason is the future of knowledge work depends upon smart robots empowering smart people. This will free them from the humdrum of rote and repetitive tasks to create greater business value than was ever possible before.

We are entering a new era of human-machine interface for repetitive and rote processes, in which software tools have emerged as “the robots” for knowledge work.

The potential here is huge. The robots of intelligent process automation mean that work is done around the clock, eliminating human error and reducing unnecessary steps.

For businesses, it means better efficiency, creating a money-saving assembly line and new delivery models to drive revenue.

It is also important to make the most of the skills that humans are good at: only humans have the collaboration, teamwork, creativity, curiosity, intuitiveness, invention, and empathy to create processes that meet ? and even exceed ? human needs.”