OREANDA-NEWS. Metinvest Group commissions a thermal and catalytic afterburner at Avdiivka Coke (AKKhZ) designed to reduce emissions by tar distillation shop of the enterprise. Project investments total about UAH 6.5 mln.

Despite the difficult situation in Avdiivka and interruptions in the power supply from time to time, Metinvest Group continues to modernize Avdiivka Coke. Set-up and commissioning of the catalytic detoxifier of ventilation emissions are currently in progress at AKKhZ. It is a top-notch system of this kind in the country.

The operating principle of the system is simple: polluted air gets into a special heat exchanger, is heated to a required temperature and is then directed to the catalyst. Organic compounds are fully cracked there into carbon dioxide and water. As a result, emissions include only safe substances.

Set-up and commissioning of the thermal and catalytic afterburner are performed by the specialized company Promteploecopomosch, LLC. Its commissioning is scheduled in the second half of August.