OREANDA-NEWS. With start-up companies increasingly driving innovation in various research and technology domains worldwide, Airbus has launched multiple initiatives – including a team called “start-up 2 partner” – to tap into this productive business dynamic.

Embedded within Airbus as part of the company’s Innovation department, the “start-up 2 partner” team aims to build mutually-beneficial partnerships with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in selected domains, supporting start-ups working on new developments in a number of industries through a collaborative approach. 

Airbus provides for the selected start-ups, while also offering the ability to facilitate “de-risking” and acceleration of technologies using its own prototyping and expertise. In addition, the “start-up 2 partner” team provides access to an invaluable global network of airlines, suppliers and selected partners – while within Airbus, it promotes new, more flexible ways of working learned from the entrepreneurial culture of start-up companies.  

Since its creation in 2014, the "start-up 2 partner" team has screened an impressive 600-plus start-ups and evolved 30 projects. Currently, there are 10 partnerships in their portfolio.