OREANDA-NEWS.  St. Petersburg Hyundai plant expands the geography of exports and at the end of August it begins the delivery of produced vehicles to new markets - Georgia and Tunisia. In the Tunisian market it will be delivered Hyundai Solaris cars, to Georgia - Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Creta cars, according to "Hyundai Motor CIS" press service.

As it was noted, the plant "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" started the mass production of a new compact crossover in August of this year, and at the end of this month it will begin the export of Hyundai Creta to the CIS countries markets: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

In the future, Hyundai Creta cars will be sent to the Middle East markets, but at first they will have to go through the adaptation and certification. Hyundai Solaris cars, supplied by a plant to Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, have been specially adapted to the hot climate of these countries.