OREANDA-NEWS. Cabot Corporation, a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials  company, will present and exhibit at CPhI Worldwide 2016, the world's leading  pharmaceutical platform taking place October 4-6 in Barcelona, Spain.

As  medical technologies and treatments continue to advance, there is an increased  need for ultrapure, fully traceable pharmaceuticals. Cabot's NORIT® activated  carbon is an important tool in the purification of intermediates and end  products for the pharmaceutical industry. With its adsorption capacity for a  wide range of impurities, varying from odorous compounds to dark-colored bodies  and proteins, activated carbon is used for final polishing to remove residual  color and odors. Cabot's activated carbons also meet stringent quality  standards and are chosen for their performance and consistency.

At  the event, visitors can discover how Cabot can support customers as they  increasingly work toward meeting the highest standards of quality for their  products. Attendees can also learn about how Cabot can be a partner in product innovation  from a very early stage, providing the experience and expertise to meet  individual customer needs.

David  Flannery, global  market segment manager,  Pharma, will deliver a technical presentation titled, "An Activated Carbon sample  kit to help Process Chemists quickly develop a synthetic scheme to manufacture  compounds for clinical trials," on Tuesday, October 4 at 11:00 am in room 2C70.  This presentation will discuss how to quickly and efficiently optimize compound  purification methods.

"We  are dedicated to driving advancements in our customers' applications. As the  pharma industry grapples to meet increasing stringent regulatory requirements  and bring products to market faster than ever before, we have the experience  and product strength to help deliver the purification performance they need,"  said Bart Genemans, business director EMEA  region, Cabot Purification Solutions. "As a technology leader in the  purification market, our activated carbon products meet the most stringent  global requirements. Combined with our broad experience with strategic  product development and commitment to customer support, we are uniquely  equipped to help our pharmaceutical customers overcome any challenges they may  face."

At  stand 7K73 Cabot will showcase its portfolio of activated carbons for  pharmaceutical purification and discuss how it helps pharmaceutical customers  to safely purify their end-use products, get their products to market faster, and  meet today's demanding regulatory requirements. A special spotlight will be put on the  company's sample kit for drug development. Attendees can learn more about  Cabot's solutions, including: 

  • Sample Kit for Drug  Development

Process chemists engaged in early drug  development are chartered with a difficult task; they must quickly develop  synthetic schemes and pilot procedures to manufacture many promising lead  compounds for clinical trials. Cabot has  developed an activated carbon sample kit designed to help process chemists  quickly and efficiently optimize their purification methods thereby enabling  them to develop chemical processes that are safe, reproducible and  cost-effective. The compact and convenient kit contains six select grades of  activated carbon and is ideal for any lab environment. 

  • Medicinal Activated  Carbon

Activated carbon is listed on the World Health Organization's (WHO) Model List of Essential Medicines as an antidote for non-specific poisonings. Cabot's activated carbon is used in over twenty registered products to treat gastro-intestinal  issues and acute poisoning.  Cabot also  provides contract manufacturing services for activated carbon based  pharmaceuticals. All manufacturing takes place on dedicated production lines compliant  with the regulations set forth by the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). 

  • Purification for  Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

During the  production of active pharmaceutical intermediates (API), unwanted byproducts  are often formed. Cabot's pharmacopoeia-grade, fully-traceable activated  carbons are of the highest purity to overcome  any impurity leaching into the API, and offer high removal efficiency resulting  in low dosing to minimize API losses. Cabot's products meet United States and  European pharmacopoeia specifications and are produced under Good Manufacturing  Practices.

In addition, Cabot will also showcase how its  multifunctional fumed silicas can be used in the discovery, development and  manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. 

  • High-Purity, Multifunctional  Excipients

Cabot's fumed  silicas provide improved flow in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical powders and  supplements, which enhances the formulation and processing performance of  tablets and capsules in multiple ways.  


Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) is a global specialty chemicals and  performance materials company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The  company is a leading provider of rubber and specialty carbons, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, fumed silica, and aerogel.