OREANDA-NEWS. As the leading company of the Japanese space industry, Mitsubishi Electric will introduce a wide range of exhibits covering the company's space business and global deployments centered around its standard satellite platform DS2000.

Main Exhibits
Social Infrastructure
The zone for social infrastructure will include satellites that support people's daily life such as communications and broadcasting satellites, earth observations satellites, meteorological satellites, and positioning satellites.

Global Business Deployment
The zone for global business deployment will present Mitsubishi Electric's growing business development through both domestic and overseas programs featuring the DS2000 satellite platform. These programs include the Es'hail 2 satellite ordered by the Qatari company Es'hailSat and the TURKSAT-4A/4B delivered to Turkish satellite operator Turksat A.S., among others.

Standard Satellite Platform DS2000
The zone for the standard satellite platform DS2000 will present a half-scale mock-up of the DS2000 platform. On-board equipment such as attitude control actuators, communications equipment and peripheral components and parts will also be exhibited. Mitsubishi Electric's DS2000 satellite bus platform is a fully proven modular platform with the flexibility to handle a broad range of payload applications.