OREANDA-NEWS. KAMAZ increases its production of trucks - the enterprise conveyor is working at full capacity now. According to General Director of KAMAZ, Sergey Kogogin, today, the assembly rate is 180 vehicles per day, by the end of September we need to reach 190 cars. According to him, the greatest success in the market is shown by the new range of the company - until the end of the year there are expected sales at the level of 3400 units, the plan for next year is already 5800 cars, informed the press service of KAMAZ.

Also Sergey Kogogin told about the plans of KAMAZ for the transition to the new inline engine. The first sample has passed the tests, and soon it is expected to start the trial operation of KAMAZ-5490 and dump trucks of a new model range with this engine.

As previously reported "AUTOSTAT”, KAMAZ plant cancels the part-time mode due to the growth of truck sales. By the end of 2016 the company plans to produce 34 thousand cars, which is more by 2,000 than it was planned originally.