OREANDA-NEWS. At the 2016 MINExpo, the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit of Continental, a leading global innovator and supplier of instrumentation systems and components offers a wide range of instrumentation and displays for applications on mining, off-highway, agricultural and commercial vehicles as well as for stationary power and industrial power applications. The instrument cluster is the main source of information for operators and in mining vehicles and equipment, the instrument cluster is exposed to high demands and therefore it must be extremely resistant. Continental instruments and displays are clearly structured and easy to read, offering premium image quality and a wide range of user-customizable options. Scalable and resistant, our cluster solutions are quality certified. These attributes, combined with the fitting software, they provide the necessary flexibility for every type of vehicle and task.

The MultiViu® line of advanced multi-purpose display solutions are innovative information displays offered in a range of sizes, form factors and input/output options, to provide flexibility for equipment manufacturers. All MultiViu displays can be programmed to display custom graphics and data to meet each manufacturer’s specific needs. The displays are designed to operate in harsh industrial and off-road environments. Depending on the MultiViu model, analog and digital input / output options can include CAN, EasyLink, Ethernet, WLAN and LIN, as well as audio, video, USB 2.0, and SD Card.

MultiViu® Professional12

The MultiViu® Professional12 is an instrument cluster style display. It features a high-contrast, true-color, 12.3" TFT, 1,440 x 540 pixel screen that displays 2D/2.5D graphics.

The graphics are developed using model-based programming software that allows designers to create a completely unique look and feel for the data display. The display can take the appearance of traditional analog gauges or show animated text, scales, bar charts and symbols. The display can be switched over to a video feed either automatically or on demand. An optional telltale module places 11 telltales at the top of the display and another optional module provides four 4 capacitive buttons below the screen for fixed functions such as reset and illumination.

MultiViu® High

The MultiViu® High is a multipurpose display platform that features a 12.1” 1,200 X 8,800 pixel touch-screen. The touchscreen interface can be completely customized to meet specific applications. Operators can interact with MultiViu®High through either the touch screen or through a CAN joystick. The MultiViu®High can be used to display any type of monitoring inputs as well as functions such as climate, navigation and radio, and the unit offers hands-free telephony via Bluetooth connection.