OREANDA-NEWS. Continental has introduced at MINExpo 2016 three new power transmission belts for the mining industry.

The belts are the Hy-T Wedge, SilentSync and Conti Synchrochain Carbon. “These are three different drive options for a single theoretical drive,” said Brent Holstine, product specialist, power transmission products. “Each drive has progressively higher power ratings, demonstrating how much more power can be driven by smaller belts due to improvements in technology and engineering.”

The Hy-T Wedge has a new EPDM compound offering a broader operating temperature range and improved heat resistance. It also has new optimized tooth profile that improves flexibility and reduces belt fatigue to improve life.

SilentSync has an exclusive tooth profile that reduces noise up to 19 db. compared with other straight tooth synchronous products. The sprockets use a flangeless design that is self-tracking and saves space, and continuous rolling engagement of the belt and sprocket reduce vibration.