OREANDA-NEWS. At the 2016 MINExpo, the Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket business unit of Continental, a leading global supplier of systems and components to off-highway, agricultural and commercial vehicles as well as for stationary power and industrial power applications, offers control units to optimize the mining application. By reducing wirings, connectors, relays and fuses, machinery will become more reliable and cost effective to operate.

These control units are automotive qualified, suitable for different applications and markets and available off-the-shelf to enable a short time-to-market launch with no reoccurring engineering charges.

The CBCU3 control unit satisfies the growing demand for reliable and powerful onboard control units by centralizing the intelligence and input / output management of the cabin and body to one device. The CBCU3 allows for the management of both digital and analog input signals. The control unit offers electronically-controlled power outputs with full diagnostic features and an enhanced network functionality using platform multiplexing nodes.

The control unit can be connected to a number of different instrument clusters via instrument CAN, including Continental’s FlexCluster and MultiViu®Professional12.The MUX4-Pcu is the master variant of the generic multiplex node MUX4-Pn for general purposes. It is suitable for installation outside the cabin, for instance on the frame of the vehicle. The placement outside the cabin leaves more space in the already filled cabin.