OREANDA-NEWS. Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of the market of new cars in Russia by the results of 8 months of 2016 and it made a rating of the leading regions in terms of corporate sales.

According to the study, the largest share of corporate sales in the country falls on Moscow - 31.8%. During the reporting period in the capital it was sold 32.5 thousand passenger cars for corporate clients (legal entities), which is more by 4.1% than a year before. In the second place, with a huge gap from the leader there is St. Petersburg, which reached 8.7 thousand units (+ 22.1%), which is equivalent to the share of 8.5%. The third position in the ranking is occupied by the Moscow region (6.1 thousand units; + 5%), the share of which is equal to 6%.

The top-five of leaders in terms of corporate sales of passenger cars among the subjects of the RF is closed by Krasnodar region (3.8 thousand units; + 1.2%) and Tatarstan (3.3 thousand units; -15.8%). The top-10 also includes: Samara Region (3.1 thousand units; + 18.8%), Rostov region (2.8 thousand units; + 5.4%), Sverdlovsk region (2.7 thousand units; + 2.3%), Bashkortostan (1.9 thousand units; -4.1%) and the Nizhny Novgorod region (1.8 thousand units; + 1%).

As previously reported "AUTOSTAT", in January - August of 2016 the volume of passenger car market for corporate clients in Russia was 102.3 thousand units, which is more by 2.2% than in the same period a year ago (100.1 thousand units).