OREANDA-NEWS. Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of colors of the Russian automotive market. This study covers about 5.5 million cars produced in 2005 - 2015 and for sale at leading online sites this year.

According to the study, just over 70% of these vehicles are painted in discreet colors (black, white and grey). The leader is black color, which has about 27%. Further, with comparable figures, there are cars, which are painted in silver (16%), white (15%) and gray (13%) colors.

In turn, the cars of the bright colors have only about 30% of the total market. The most popular among them is the blue color (8%), which is a little behind the red (6%). Also it worth noting also such colors as green (3.2%), brown (2.8%), beige (2.7%), blue (2%) and golden (1.4%). The share of other bright shades is less than 1%.