OREANDA-NEWS. Toyota will be showcasing its extensive work that is targeted towards the creation of a smart mobility society that links people, cars, and cities. The Toyota booth will present on cooperative ITS, an important safety technology that strives toward the goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities the ultimate goal of the future mobility society.

Specifically, Toyota will present on its philosophy towards safety, and will exhibit Toyota's current cooperative ITS services which extends into the future. With the use of the experiences zone which showcases virtual reality (VR) and a driving stimulator, Toyota hopes to introduce the use of its potential services which it has in mind for the future. Toyota will also display the latest technical trends, such as initiatives in Japan and elsewhere, toward the popularization and development of cooperative ITS for the future.

The ITS World Congress is the world's largest ITS-related international conference. Held annually in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and the Americas on a rotating basis, the congress invites ITS developers (governments, research bodies, and commercial enterprises) from a wide range of countries and regions to showcase their latest ITS research findings and products through information sessions (including technical paper presentations), exhibitions, and test drives.

Toyota plans to continue carrying out initiatives steadily and effectively toward the promotion and popularization of cooperative ITS in order to help in the early realization of a safe mobility society.