OREANDA-NEWS. As part of the Etha partnership, agricultural cooperative Lantmännen and Scania are creating a complete-system solution to lead the way towards fossil-free transports. The solution covers the entire value chain, from fuel production to transportation.

The Swedish Parliament’s climate goal for the transport sector is for 90 percent of the fuel used to be renewable by 2030. Meeting this target will require a combination of solutions.

“Ethanol is the world’s biggest renewable fuel and is available here and now,” says Martin Engström, Commercial development and Sales at Lantmännen Agroetanol. “Our Agro Cleanpower 95 product is not only green, but offers a very high level of environmental performance, with up to a 90-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, it’s energy-efficient and works in accordance with the diesel principle.”

Sustainable in many ways

Agro Cleanpower 95 is an ED95 fuel consisting of up to 95 percent bioethanol, produced exclusively from raw materials obtained from Swedish agriculture. As there is an overproduction of cereals in Europe and large tracts of land are in fallow, there’s no impact on food production.

The production of the fuel in Norrköping also contributes to its high performance in terms of the climate, as the process uses steam from a combined heat-and-power generation plant that utilises municipal and forest waste. The process also includes the production of animal fodder and carbon capture.