OREANDA-NEWS. On March 22, 2007 SoftNet Technology Corp. (OTCBB:STTC) (German WKN:TG6) has been named in recent articles announcing a deal between Microsoft and CompUSA to offer the services of Microsoft's Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) to CompUSA's small-business customers, reported the press-centre of  SoftNet Technology Corp.

SoftNet has been a leading edge provider of unique and customized IT solutions to the small-medium size business owners for many years. The Company has developed the RightStart SMB solution after many years of working with customers to identify their needs and develop IT solutions. RightStart was originally developed based on the premise that customers wanted business solutions and not an IT solution that enables it. The RightStart solution has a proven track record of achieving a high level of ROI, and user satisfaction, for the customer. SoftNet had achieved initial success in selling the RightStart solution direct and more recently completed a pilot program, also successful, with CompUSA developing sales through their retail locations.

CompUSA will now refer clients that need services or support to the Microsoft SBSC partners who are uniquely qualified across Microsoft Technology and across the needs of small business customers. "This deal is very meaningful for all parties including SoftNet. It confirms the business plan and strategy of the Company's SMB Practice which has focused on the small-medium business channel. The business potential in this market is obviously huge and the major players are beginning to recognize the potential of this market. SoftNet was one of the first to recognize it and developed a product, service and strategy to meet the needs of customers," said Greg Geodakyan; Technical Lead for SoftNet's Atlanta, GA based SMB practice. Mr. Geodakyan is a Certified Small Business Specialist and holds additional Microsoft platform and desktop certifications.

"We are pleased by this noteworthy development. It validates our strategy to continue to aggressively explore and scale the SMB Practice beyond the regional presence already achieved. We fully believe the market is underserved and has huge potential for SoftNet," reported Steve Henry, Vice President.