OREANDA-NEWS. United Company RUSAL, the world’s largest producer of aluminium and alumina, today brings together over 40 power experts at a conference to address the challenges of coal power development, in Krasnoyarsk - the first stage in its plan to open a thermal power research centre in the city. The conference will provide an opportunity for the discussion of the most promising areas of development, the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of thermal power generation, search for new energy-saving technologies and solutions, which would promote wide use of coal in building the power base of Russia. Delegates from all over Russia including scientists, researchers, technology experts and engineers will discuss energy-saving technologies and solutions. The agenda will also cover critical issues such as coal combustion, waste disposal and environmental impact.
United Company RUSAL intends to open a research and development centre in Krasnoyarsk to study the challenges of power generation, with the aim of developing in-house technology for the construction of coal-fired thermal power plants with efficient environmental performance.

Pavel Ulyanov, Director of the Energy Division, said: "The technology we want to develop is not available in Russia today. On the one hand, there are institutes doing research in this field, but with no practical knowledge in the construction of thermal power plants. On the other hand, there are plants which produce boilers, but use obsolete technologies. Our plan is to combine our R&D experience with the knowledge of expert equipment producers in order to create environmentally friendly thermal power, which is also efficient in terms of capital investment".

United Company RUSAL has recently created a separate business unit for energy to provide its brownfield and greenfield aluminium assets with energy self-sufficiency. Additional plans to become a provider of power include the ambitious construction of the Boguchanskoye Energy and Metals Complex in partnership with HydroOGK. Gas, coal and nuclear power projects are also planned in the near future.