OREANDA-NEWS. August 3, 2007. Information that FESCO is negotiating with the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port about purchasing the port’s share in the Vladivostok Container Terminal appeared in mass media. At the same time there is neither corroboration nor direct denial of this information.

All sides – FESCO, Vladivostok Commercial Sea port and Severstaltrans which with the port established VCT gave no comments.

Nevertheless, there is an indirect evidence that the companies are negotiating and they are near to close a deal - the representatives of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea port have promised to held a press-conference concerning this topic in two weeks.

Thus, the port has something to say during the conference.
It should be pointed out that the Vladivostok Container Terminal was established in 2003, when the management of the Vladivostok Commercial Sea port decided to make container business a separate one and to find a co-investor. As it is known Severstaltrans became a co-investor.
During the last year the Vladivostok Container Terminal handled 146 837 TEU. Compared to the results of the year 2005 container handling increased by 17%.

By the results of the first half of the current year there was handled 88 181 TEU. Compared to last year same period results handling volume grew by 26% (69 845 TEU). In June of the year 2007 the terminal handled 18 589 TEU. It is a 62% plus over the results of June of the last year (in June 2006 11 472 TEU was done).