OREANDA-NEWS. August 14, 2007. This the second flaw-detector, supplied by “Nutronic” company from Germany. The first appliance has operated at the mill for nearly a year. Compact, reliable and equipped with the most up-to-date means of control units make it possible to perform analyses of metal in accordance with all existing world standards.

Our units are really unique- says Valeriy Pushkov, the head of 3000 heavy plate rolling mill,-only “The Urals steel” works possess one on CIS territory, but their machine is already five years old and is, certainly, obsolete as compared to ours, there are also two ones in Italy and Germany.

The price of two ultrasonic testing units is about 5.5 million Euros. It took “Nutronic” company, which had amalgamated with “General Electric” on the verge of signing the contract nearly two years to complete the contract’s execution. So, now we’ve got some new modification of the equipment, which was especially designed for our mill. What have we achieved? One hundred percent production control. It was possible to take control of 33% only on our old equipment, which had been under exploitation for more than 20 years, without any modernization.

Sergey Averianov, senior foreman of automation section of 3000 rolling mill pointed out that the
technological process of metal quality testing is fully automated. Any faults are shown on the computer monitor as a defectogram The operator-analyst processes the achieved data and determines both the character and the reason of the defect.

The machine is capable of scrapping metal, in accordance with its class and also, depending upon the customer’s requirements. ”The unit is so simple in exploitation and reliable that it is a pleasure to work on it”-Sergey Alexandrovich pointed out.