OREANDA-NEWS. August 30, 2007. OAO Stroytransgaz commissioned the gas pipeline Alexandroupolis (Anthia) – Komotini, the Contract for construction of which had been signed in December, 2005. The Project has been carried out under the Consortium Agreement between OAO Stroytransgaz and Greek Company Prometheus Gas S.A. The Owner of the Project was the Public Gas Corporation of Greece S.A., DEPA.

According to Contract OAO Stroytransgaz constructed a 36”, 53.7 km pipeline with three valve stations and pig launching and receiving unit. 

New pipeline is an extension of the already existing gas pipeline branch Karperi-Kavala-Komotini (24”, 215 km), also constructed by OAO Stroytransgaz in 1996-2000, and will be connected to earlier constructed section of the gas pipeline Alexandroupolis (Anthia) –Kipi/Turkish border. In that way commissioning of the gas pipeline Karperi-Kavala-Komotini gave leave to connect the gas transportation system of Greece and adjacent Turkey.

Both executed by OAO Stroytransgaz projects arose from a long standing fruitful cooperation of Russia and Greece, consolidated by the Agreement between the two countries for the supply of natural gas dated December 19, 1994. 

ОАО Stroytransgaz is one of the major Russian engineering and construction companies with over 15 years of history. One of the main tasks of the Company is preservation and accrual of traditions of native oil and gas construction under new economic conditions with the help of unique engineering decisions and best international practice. OAO Stroytransgaz is the only Russian Company that executes large-scale projects for construction of oil and gas facilities in 15 countries of the world. Out of all Russian construction companies OAO Stroytransgaz has the largest number of clients among whom such leaders of the industry as Gazprom, LUKOIL, Rosneft, Transneft, TNK-BP,  СonocoPhillips, Saudi Aramco, Sonatrach, BOTAS, DEPA, GAIL, Reliance, Syrian Gas Company