OREANDA-NEWS. On 07 May 2008 was announced, that due to the results of the action on accident insurance of children and pupils in 2007 "Oranta" Incorporated lent sponsor assistance to 20 most active Insureds — educational establishments and orphanages in different regions of the country. Thus, the company has presented copying machines, music centers with karaoke, TV sets with DVD, bed clothes and sweets as gifts. In such a way the company confirmed the social direction of its business.

Annually "Oranta" works out special insurance programs for children, teenagers and students. Every year in the schools the officials of the structural departments of the company conduct the agitation of teachers, parents, pupils as to the accident insurance of children.

The conduct of the action since September up to January, which is devoted to the conclusion of the contracts for accidents insurance of children and students, has become a tradition. This line of insurance becomes more popular. Thus, in 2005 during the period of performing the action it was concluded 127 349 contracts, the sum of the receipts by which made up UAH 897 154, in 2006 — 156 043 contracts on the sum of UAH 1 219 686, in 2007 — 180 609 contracts on the sum UAH 1 746 818, 44.